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Evolution of the peacock feather in our logo

Symbolism of Peacock feather in the Natya Entertainment Logo:

NE Artists were born with the desire and passion to dance and inspire others to join us in the ecstasy that dance brings to our lives. Through our individual journeys and our desire to find a place where our dance can be expressed at a higher level, us like-minded dancers found each other at Natya Entertainment.

The Indian music that surrounds us evokes vibrancy and vitality in our dance bringing excitement and happiness to all who watch us. And to those who join us we rejuvenate their self-esteem and bring harmony to their lives by strengthening their body, purifying their mind and spiritually healing their souls. Together we feel powerful, glorious and noble like the feelings evoked when one looks at the techno-color plumes of a Peacock.

Just as how Natya Bollywood evolved into Natya Entertainment, our logo evolved to represent this natural progression. It now welcomes everyone in the traditional Namaste design infused with the colours of a peacock’s feather.

Natya Entertainment Artists proudly wear this logo across their heart as an expression of love for dance, which can be enjoyed equally by all beings.